Wyoming LLC

The state of Wyoming was the first to offer a Limited Liability Company in the United States. The Wyoming LLC is still a popular choice among small business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. With the price, privacy, and state statutes, it’s no wonder why…Wyoming.

Learn all about the Wyoming LLC and how we can help you with privacy formation with your new LLC.

Wyoming LLC

$ 149 Total
  • 1 Year Agent Service
  • Compliance Reminders
  • Mailing Address
  • 40 Pieces of Mail Yearly
  • Articles of Organization
  • Certificate of Organization
  • $100 State Fee Paid

Wyoming Limited Liability Company

Wyoming Limited Liability Company formation is a fairly simple process. This is why we can set up a Wyoming LLC for free. If you are new to Wyoming LLC formation, check out the highlights of starting an LLC in Wyoming. The process doesn’t end when you initially file the company. There are a few crucial steps to follow after you file.


Parts of a Wyoming LLC

The Wyoming LLC becomes legal when two forms are submitted and then after that, the state creates a Certificate of Organization. Read about these three parts of the Wyoming LLC below.


Articles of Organization

The Articles of Organization for a Wyoming Limited Liability Company is a simple one page document that is sent to the Wyoming Secretary of State to file a new LLC. The document must inlude the name of the LLC, name and address of the Wyoming registered agent, mailing address, principal office address, signature, and contact information.

You can see the state provided form here: https://sos.wyo.gov/Forms/Business/LLC/LLC-ArticlesOrganization.pdf


Wyoming Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent

You will receive the Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent filled out and signed from your Wyoming registered agent after purchasing service. This form will list the name of the Wyoming registered agent, registered office address, name of the LLC, signature, and contact information.


Certificate of Organization

After the Wyoming LLC is filed and paid for, the state will issue the certificate. This states that the business is legal and has been filed through the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Business Division. This will be issued instantly if the LLC is filed online.


Wyoming LLC Operating Agreement

The Wyoming LLC Operating Agreement is an internal document that is not filed with the Secretary of State in Wyoming. This document is an agreement between the members (owners) of the LLC. The Operating Agreement will state things like percentages of ownership, profit payouts, voting rules, dissolution procedures, and other important rules of the LLC. Many websites will sell you an agreement, some agents will give you a template for free. You can see an example and our recommendation here:


Wyoming LLC FEIN

After your LLC has been filed in Wyoming, you will need to get an FEIN from the IRS. Sometimes called the EIN, the Federal Employer Identification Number will be needed to open a bank account, pay employees, and fill out certain applications. Thw Wyoming Secretary of State’s office does not want the FEIN of your LLC.


Wyoming LLC BOI Reporting Requirement

Starting in 2024, all buinsess entities will have to file a BOI report (Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting) with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. This is free, just like an EIN is free. The report basically tells the federal government who owns the LLC.


Annual Report Filing

Every year the Wyoming LLC must file an Annual Report to stay active with the state. The Annual Report is a series of financial questions on the LLCs assets. The tax will be determined on the value of all assets. Many people pay the minimum of $60 a year. =

See an example of the report here: https://sos.wyo.gov/Forms/Business/General/ARWorksheet.pdf

Wyoming LLC Quick Facts

There are a few things you should know about a Wyoming Limited Liability Company before you own one yourself. Review these Wyoming LLC quick facts to become an expert in no time.

When choosing the name of your Wyoming LLC, there are a couple of things to consider. The first rule states you must include the following words or abbreviation on your LLC name: “Limited Liability Company”, “LLC”, “L.L.C.”, “Limited Company”, “LC”, “L.C.”, Limited Liability Co.”, “Ltd. Liability Co.”, or “Ltd. Liability Company”.

An LLC can be set up in minutes when filing online through the state portal. If you submit paper copies for registration by mail or in person, it can take 15 business days to process the LLC.

A Wyoming EIIN is not required to file for a new LLC in Wyoming. You will need the EIN to do things for your company like hire employees, pay taxes, or open a bank account. The EIN is issued by the IRS, not the state of Wyoming. The EIN is free to all LLC registrations.

A mailing address is required to be listed on an LLC. The information on an LLC is public record, making this address visible to all. Add a layer of privacy by using a mailing address provided by a Wyoming registered agent. Get your mail forwarded to you privately.

How LLC Filing Works


Place Order

Order an LLC that includes registered agent and the required fee from the state. Place an order here.


We File

Your order is typically processed in a just a couple of short hours. We file with the state’s office and pay the fee.


Receive LLC

You will get a copy of your file Wyoming LLC and internal resolutions naming the Managers with banking authorization.



Acquire your EIN and then take it with all the paperwork we sent you to your bank to open a business bank account.



Any mail that is sent to the address we provide in Wyoming for the LLC will be forwarded to you by mail scanning.



We will make arraignments with you for renewing our service and filing the annual report in advance.

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